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23 March 2020The Art of Partying
27 April 2020Two Gustavs: Mahler and Klimt
18 May 2020Through a Glass Darkly: A history of glass through the eyes of the artist
22 June 2020Inspired by Stonehenge
27 July 2020A Personal Heaven:The Paintings of Stanley Spencer

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The Art of Partying Alice Foster Monday 23 March 2020

The depiction of parties has always been popular in the history of Western Art. Everyone, it seems, loves a party. To illustrate this Alice Foster takes her references from a wide variety of historical sources; weddings in the Bible, 2nd century Greek mosaics, Renaissance allegories of refinement and excess, 16th century peasant parties, 18th century harlequins and the celebratory styles of 20th century painters. The focus is on the variety of merrymaking, banqueting, dances and music in a feast of colour.

Alice has lectured for Oxford University Department of Continuing Education since 1998. She lectures regularly at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, and at the Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock. Her busy freelance career includes organising History of Art study days with colleagues, and regular weekly classes in Oxfordshire and Worcestershire. In 2004 Alice joined The Arts Society and has lectured in Britain and in Europe. Since 2003 Alice has been a tutor on study holidays. In 2010 she was elected President of Banbury Fine Arts Society.